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Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Server Guidelines
  3. Addons
  4. Staff
  5. Commands
  6. Voting Rules
  7. Appeals
  8. Applications
  9. Requests

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

1. Introduction

Welcome to the IJWTB community! We were officially founded on August 7th, 2013 by Thomas.

Over the last 5 to 6 years, we were known as TheD3vine Public Build Server. Developers through those years include KingofBeast, SariaFace, and Thomas. The server runs on an entirely custom-coded administrative module, named D3A. Prior to Garry's Mod 13, D3Av2.0 had been in development by KingofBeast, but was never finished. Thomas was asked to develop for the Build server in December 2012. Over the past year, D3A has been entirely rewritten from scratch and continues to run on our server. Alongside developing for IJWTB is Scott. Scott has provided a nearly all of the web development and forum support since IJWTB was founded. With his help, IJWTB has a fully functioning donation page, music uploading page, viewable server logs, and many other invaluable services.

Most of the current staff in IJWTB are longstanding members of The D3vine and have been with the Build community for years. Staff members like Conky, Taco, and Thomas have been with the Build server since 2010, while many others arrived in 2011, 2012, and now 2013.
  • In total, 40+ staff members have contributed to server for the past 5-6 years.
  • We have seen nearly 100,000 unique players connect to our server.
  • Over 300 players have supported the community by making a donation.
  • 25+ players have played on the server for more than 1,000 hours.

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

2. Server Guidelines

The list below contains the guidelines to follow while on the IJWTB Sandbox server. If you ever have any questions or concerns about one of these guidelines, please try to contact a staff member in-game or over the forums.

1)  Be courteous and respectful to all other players on the server, regardless of rank or authority.
Purposefully insulting and acting disrespectful to other players will easily result in a temporary ban. If you have a problem with another player, please discuss it somewhere other than the server's public text and voice chat.

2)  Listen to our staff members. Arguing with the people that are here to protect you doesn't help.
Regardless of how much you may hate being told to remove your laggy props, staff members are there to ensure the server's stability and often administrate for several hours straight. Respect their decisions and please abide by their requests. If you have an issue with a staff member and you feel you were wronged, please make an abuse report on the forum.

3)  Please refrain from spamming of any kind, including props, entities, and chat.
We do not tolerate spamming of any kind. Spawning random props, E2s, thrusters, and turrets everywhere is nothing more than irritating and you will be asked to stop. Also, do not attempt to play music over your mic. We have the jukebox in place for a reason.

4)  If your contraptions or dupes start to lag the server, please remove them.
If you are unsure whether your contraption is causing lag, you can view the Net Graph by typing "net_graph 4" in your console and examine the server's tick rate, choke, and var rate. Alternatively, you can freeze all of your props by typing "!freezeprops _".

5)  Don't mess with other players or their stuff. Yeah, your ragdoll looks silly, but don't put it in our face.
This covers a broad spectrum of issues, including prop pushing, prop blocking, and trolling. Leave other players alone.

6)  Any threat made against our community (e.g., (D)DoS, crash, etc) will result in a permanent ban.
Regardless if your threat has any backing or not, you will be banned. We won't stand by while you threaten our community or its players.

7)  We do not tolerate racism or the use of racial slurs (such as the n-word). You will be banned.
We don't care that the swastika's original use had nothing to do with Nazi Germany - we don't want it on our server. This extends to any form of racism or prejudice.

8)  Common sense applies - just because a rule isn't listed here does not give you the right to minge.
As it says, this is common sense. For the most part, players are fully aware of when they are minging, and they will be punished for it.

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

3. Addons

If you are wondering what addons we use on the server, here is a link to our workshop collection: IJWTB Sandbox Addons
Several of the addons are not on the workshop, and you will need to download them yourself to see the models.

Download the following to see missing ACF content:

You might need to install StarfallEx to see the chip models:


You'll need to install Wire to see all of its related models as well:
Wirehttps://github.com/wiremod/wire (Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=160250458)
Wire Extras: https://github.com/wiremod/wire-extras

We also use the following addons, but you shouldn't need to install them yourself:
Material Editor toolhttps://github.com/IJWTB/material-editor-2
NexusCore E2 functionshttps://github.com/IJWTB/NexusCore
Joystick Modulehttps://github.com/IJWTB/joystick-module

There are also older tools that may not be available on the workshop or github anymore that we use:

Relocated Tools, Advanced Ballsocket, 
Anti NoClip, Axis Center, Buoyancy, Easy Precision, Fading Door STool, Fin 2, Make Spherical, Measuring Stick, Multi No Collide All, Precision Alignment, RT Camera, Super Parent Multi, Unbreakable, Visual Clip, Weight, Extra Materials, More Materials.

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

4. Staff

Staff positions include:
Developer - Typically given to individuals involved in developing content for the server(s) (including community founder and co-founder)
Lead Admin - In charge of delegating staff issues and server-related activities, collaborates and directs the Super Admins
Super Admin - Collaborate with the Lead Admin, able to give permission to players to apply for staff positions
Admin - Longstanding members of the community that showed exemplary ability as a Moderator
Moderator - Members that applied for a 2-week Moderator trial period and proved themselves capable of handling administrative issues on the server.

Useful links:

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

5. Commands

 A full list of commands is available here.

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

6. Voting Rules

Members in the community may vote on various threads, including appeals, staff applications, punishment requests, and suggestions.

Different ranks are given different minimum and maximum vote counts, which can be viewed in the following list:
Different ranks have different maximum vote counts:
MingeNot allowed to vote
Regular Players+/- 1 support
Supporters and Moderators+/- 2 support
Admin+/- 3 support
Super Admin and Above+/- 4 support

You can find the specific voting rules in these areas:

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

7. Appeals

Ban and Minge appeals are voted on by the community.
To be considered accepted or denied, an appeal must receive a total of 15 +supports or 15 -supports, respectively.

Minge Appeals - Useful links:
Ban Appeals - Useful links:

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

8. Applications

 Useful links:

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 10-14-2013

9. Requests

 Useful links:

RE: Megathread - [IJWTB] Thomas - 03-18-2016

Added ACF and ACF-Missiles github links in #3 Addons.